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Important Bounce House Safety Information

As a parent, I am sure that you know that kids often do things they shouldn’t do. Whether playing outside or inside, toddlers often test the lines between right and wrong. Since children are prone to making mistakes, it is very important that parents supervise their activities while they play in a bounce house.

Children should not be allowed to enter the bounce house with sharp objects such as jewelry, toys or other hard objects. They also should not be allowed to take food or drinks into the unit as they create conditions in which children can choke and/or slip and fall. An adult must be present to ensure that children are following the rules and also to ensure that the number of children in the bounce house at one time does not exceed the recommended number for that particular age group. Additionally, children of the same age groups should only be allowed in the party jumper at one time. For instance, you would not want to allow a toddler to be in the jump house at the same time as an 11 or 12 year old.

If you notice that children are getting tired and are unable to stand up or maintain their balance, it may be time to request the children come out of the jumper rental for a break. First and foremost never rent from a bounce house rental company that cannot provide you a copy of their certificate of insurance. If the company claims to have insurance, request that they fax or email you a copy prior to your delivery date. This will give you time to verify that the certificate is legitimate with the insurance company before you make your reservation. If anything seems fishy, give yourself plenty of time to search for a new rental provider. With adequate supervision, and other safety considerations, you can ensure that your children have plenty of fun while safely playing inside their inflatable bounce house.

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